Bob Dodd Ring.

Perhaps you were privy to the few blog posts that sprang up last week regarding the sale of a collection of rings by folk artist Bob Dodd? If not, try here, here, and here. Maybe it is my duty to provide background information but, I feel like those three posts do better than any job that I would do right now (especially because I’m also watching Star Wars). Instead, I’d rather provide some brief pictures of the piece that I was moved to purchase. A special token in my favorite combination of colors.


I love the super-thin touch of blue celluloid on the sides.

Oh. The translucence.

And my lady-like stance.

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4 thoughts on “Bob Dodd Ring.

  1. jorjiapeach says:

    girl, that dress!

  2. Pete Dodd says:

    My father Bob Dodd made rings for 71 years while he was in the CCC, the navy in WWII, and for the following years at home. I gave a “show and tell” in the first grade about Dad’s rings in 1946.

    • With Care says:

      Pete- You father did wonderful work! I still admire this ring every day, even though I only wear it for special occasions.

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