Odds and Ends.

The biggest odd and/or end is that with-care.net finally works! Ya hoo.

Maybe you noticed that little bit of blazingly exciting information occupying your navigation bar this past week. Kudos to anyone who did. Truly, if I am ever hit by a car or mugged by a crook or forced to kill someone with my bare hands, I hope that you are there to be an impartial witness. Also worth witnessing are the new header images both here and one the Etsy shop. Thrills abound.

Those are some behind the scenes images from a small wholesale order that I worked on last week. Watch out, Portland, OR. I’m coming at you.


This is the neighbors’ chicken coop, located outside my studio window (and down three floors). Last year, it was rather tiny but this year it has been turned into some kind of chicken Club Med. Lots of food, lots of drink, some statuary, two roosting boxes and yet, those assholes still try to make a run for it and investigate the native lands at least once a day. Enjoy what you have, chickens!

This past Saturday, I went back down to New York City to hang out with 2/3’s of the friends I made at college that I still talk to on anything vaguely like a regular basis. Saturday ended with a 2am Astoria, Queens karaoke sesh. It was helped along by the $12 champagne special. I didn’t take many photos outside of this one (to prove that I actually attended a karaoke bar) and a low-quality video of my pal, Dan, doing Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. Since I doubt he would be too happy with me for posting that up here (and would surely retaliate with a video of my rendition of Yazoo’s Don’t Go), I’ll post the other photo I took during this trip: the painting of majestic ponies stampeding against the storm. It’s hung in his apartment hallway.

And to round it up, here’s the lost carnival roller coaster that I was stuck behind today while running errands for work.




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