Miss America, 1921.

I’ve been creeping on the Atlantic City Free Public Library page, a neat resource for those of you who are into things like resources, research, preservation, archives, and/or gambling and/or salt water taffy. And if you like or hate or hate-to-like the cultural institution known as the Miss America Pageant, well, ACFPL has you covered with their informative and digestible page, straight from the (diving) horse’s mouth.

I kind of miss Atlantic City, sometimes. Actually, I miss it a lot.

Speaking of scholarship funds, I am having a THIRD! giveaway, this time via my good and fabulous friends over at Tumbleweeds Handcraft. You can enter 3 ways and thus, have 3 very good chances at winning not one, but two goodies. But hurry up! It only runs until midnight on Sunday!

I’m bummed to admit that I don’t have a pair of Tumbleweeds’ fine sunglasses in my rotation of specs. I like so many of them but it is hard to commit to which pair I would want to wear for the next few years. The cost of frames, plus lenses, plus glazing adds up to serious decision times. On the other hand, if they started to make big old Jackie O-style glamourpuss hangover frames, I would have no choice but to purchase them. Hint. Wink. Nudge.


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