Thrift Score 6/2/12

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things, no? It’s not that I am no longer foolishly chasing secondhand goods (oh no no no no) but that may patience to document them has waned. Also, some of what I’ve purchased in the last year has just been… really kind of boring. Who really wants to see my growing collection of long-sleeved black things from “Miss Chaus”, anyway?

A lone modernist drinking glass. Modernist glassware used to be so easy to find even 3 years ago but now I have trouble turning up almost anything as a casual buyer. A bummer, but the shelving in our kitchen is minimal so, maybe it’s a good thing.

This mug wins the Cathy Guisewite Award for Excellence in Self-Deprecation and Self-Loathing (CGAESDSL). AND it’s left-handed! I’m so happy to have an ironic love-mug all to my own. For years, I have been crushing on Jess’s improbable I (Heart) Triplets and Lola’s perfect Someone in West Warwick (Heart)s Me. Finally, the trifecta is complete.

A perfectly boring yet perfectly functional green jersey dress, new-with-tags from Walden “Petite”. Yes, “Petite” is in quotations. It has a very intense row of buttons running up the center front which can be used to create a very stern-looking high collar but in this moment, I’m just going super casual. Everything was found in the wilds of Attleboro, Massachusetts. The dress is from Saver’s and the glasses from Goodwill. My wonderful Dexter riding boots were a steal last summer at the Warwick Saver’s and my eye glasses came from good, old Miss Nothing New Novak.

It’s June 4th and it’s suddenly so dang cold! I’ve had to set asunder my plans to wear shorts as much as possible but I’ve locked all my cold weather goods away in the cedar chest! Terrible problems!

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