On the Move.

It’s almost time for me to hit the road. As of now; right, right now, I am on actual, real vacation. Like, 2 weeks of vacation. It’s a weird and nice feeling, all at once. Purposeful and sustained relaxation makes me wracked with guilt. It feels like I am running away when there are so many more useful ways that I could be spending my time. I feel beholden to so many things: my business, my boyfriend, my dog, the house, running and training and exercising, the groceries that I left in the fridge (that brie won’t go bad in 10 days, right?…). I could really let this list go on.  And it will get really silly.

The main point is that, hey! I put some new stuff up in the shop, like those rad hobo pins. But the other point is, anything ordered after Monday morning on the 11th won’t be shipped out until at least the 22nd.

So, if you were thinking about purchasing a new ring:

Or a pair of these earrings:

now is the time to act upon your intentions.

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