Travelogue 1.

I’m not very good at documentation, primarily because I get really into observing things directly. Not so good at doing so through a camera. So, very few pictures of things like meals, hotels, places where I actually did anything more than sitting around in the passenger seat of a Toyota Prius.

And so, some photos and a little text about my trip towards Santa Fe, NM.

The part where I only packed red, white, and blue garments.

And attempted to travel lightly.

Dinner at Mystic Pizza….2.

Leaving New York in the morningish. Andrea lives on Sesame St., apparently.

Daring workers on the Manhattan Bridge.

The Clinton Station Diner’s actual dining car. Clinton, NJ. Also, the last place that I physically recorded anything in my paper and pen travelogue.

Childish hijinx in Amish/Hershey country in Pennsylvania in the rain.

Followed by a fortuitous break in the weather.

West Virginia: A Place I Had Never Been Until Yesterday.

Virginia loves big crosses.

And dudes who would probably block me from having an abortion but who would also like to see my tits.


My dog really needs to get a job. These guys look so satisfied.

Click for full, especially if you are Lola Pellagrino.

This land is your land. This land is my land. This land is really freaking big.

Some fine, young, southern boys throwing bottles into a tree at the gas station just outside Roanoke, VA.

The pool that we never got to go in. Bristol, VA.

Before encountering the watermelon man, we ate at a Waffle House (almost 12 hours later and I am still tasting it), went to Chattanooga, walked around, and ate a bunch of sweet things. More Cheerwine soda in the Northeast, please!!!

After driving through Nashville, we first encountered the eery flatness and openness of the American Mid-west. Whoa.

America is weird. And there is so. damn. much. of it.


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