Travelogue 3.

Riding the Mother Road through Oklahoma and taking photos out of blurry windows. No my finest photographic efforts.

My Best Day in Recent Memory ended by staying in a Double Tree Suites- a hotel of moderate swankiness. No stale cigarette smoke or weird moistness there! We peeped the cute city of Springfield, MO and ate a heavy and hearty breakfast at Anton’s Coffee Shop.

Riding Historic Rt. 66 in all of its Americana glory (what’s left of it) is actually a bit of a task without a guidebook. We decided to make a go of following its sporadic and small brown and white signs from Tulsa to Oklahoma City.  It was difficult and not without some cursing but! we did manage to end up on the oldest paved part of 66, a short country road style stretch that measures a scant 9ft across and runs through some thick growth.

Despite being known for its roadside attractions, this stretch was pretty rural.

A couple blocks down from here, I saw four grey kittens playing on some abandon cars! Adorable!

Your red earth is strange to me.

A real deal mega church.

A premier roadside destination! Give yourself 3 hours!

What surprised me the most were just how many old, abandon things are running from Oklahoma through Texas. Gas stations, cars, houses, small towns. All seemingly left in the middle of “nowhere”. Every time the horizon expanded outwards, Joss and I remarked about how vast the land looked and far we felt from home. And yet, the next day those feeling would be surpassed as we experienced bigger spaces and smaller towns.


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