Travelogue 4.

Traveling on Rt. 66 was also one of my life goals so this has been a 2 life goal-meeting vacation. Did you hear that? “VACATION”. God. I love being on vacation. Even when being on vacation means staying surreptitiously in a crappy dorm room with a communal bathroom at a 40K a year college that offers no real degree program. Which is where I am writing this from right now. The door knob came off in Joss’s hand as she was trying to lock it and we’ve been shuffling around for 4 hours, waiting for it to be fixed. At least the weather is sublime.



On Saturday, the plains gave way to red dirt and…gulches? Or something. I’m not sure what this land texture is called.

And rolling red and green turned into expanding gold and blue. Wind farm territory.

Britten, Texas’s leaning water tower.

And Amarillo, Texas’s Cadillac Ranch.

Where the ground looks dry.

And the horizon looks wet.


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