Travelogue 5.

I doubted that we could make it from Elk City, Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico in one day. I was proven wrong.

The American southwest is about as far you can get from the American northeast. Enchanted land, indeed. So wide and open and magical.

We laughed a lot at the reality of what was going on around us and spent some time quietly “vibing on the mesas”.

Not to get all woo-woo on ya but I’m trying to quiet down parts of myself so as to better gauge what the vortex of land might be. Yeah. That was pretty woo-woo. So I just say “vibing” and call it a day.

I also was able to catch some impossible views of rain could thanks to North American Monsoon Season aka Now.

I am vibing so hard on this vortex of unflappability.

If only those underclassmen would SHUT THE HELL UP.


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