Travelogue 8.

Don’t worry. It’s the last one.

On Tuesday morning, I trucked back down to Teahouse to eat some more oatmeal, drink some more coffee and read some more book. Kudos to Brad, my social-peer of a server for keeping my cup full for the 2 hours that I was bumming around. I’m sure Brad was secretly thanking me for being the lowest maintenance customer at the joint, too. Yikes. I don’t often miss working in food service.

Thanks to that cheap-o Google Maps app that came on my phone, I trucked it up the 1.3 scenic miles to Museum Hill and bought a ticket for the Museum of International Folk Art. And… well… that was the rest of my day (sans burrito break at the Hill’s cafe… which included more free coffee. People just loved giving me free coffee that day.) It was hard not to photograph the entire museum, from the Corpus Christi costumes to the exhibit on how museum archives work. Everything was so good. Another 12 bucks well spent.

Macedonian wedding dresses!!!!


Me, in a 21lb wedding coat.

The permanent collection, the life’s work of Alexander Girard, is huge and overwhelming… as you might be able to tell… and is organized in a maze-like, intuitive fashion.

Also in miniature is Santa Fe’s Municipal Airport. I dubbed it the “one room airport”. The main building could fit in my backyard!

Seriously. I arrived 2 hours early for my flight- about 1.5 hours earlier than I really should have arrived. So, I got to spend some time hanging around the airport by myself. Literally. It was me and one or two guys out prepping the plane. I was sad to leave but walking across the tarmac and seeing the ring of mountains on the horizon was a great way to say “See you later.”


2 thoughts on “Travelogue 8.

  1. Other Liz says:

    Please, more info about photo #4!

    • With Care says:

      It’s a stumpwork detail from one of these guys! Part of a an Andean dance costume. As you can tell, everything was impossibly beautiful at this exhibit.

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