Hello, Ms. Goodall.


Oh boy. You may or may not have noticed that one of my personal favorites have returned to the shop, Brass Monkey Earrings!

These little friends are cast from a real, perennial luau favorite, that dastardly little plastic monkey that perches on the edge of your margarita glass. It’s a festive way to connotate ownership while promoting kitsch- two of my favorite past times!


patiently waiting for the finishing touches.

While I really liked the ones that I had on offer over the holiday season, these are version 2.0 and thus, even better.

Cast from red bronze at my local, family owned and run foundry (keepin’ it neighborly, y’all!), I hand finished each earring to a smooth finish and a beautiful arc. It’s wonderfully balanced to dangle from your earlobe and not too heavy, so you can wear them all day.



I wear these often in my second holes (which are gauged up to a 2/4g). They tuck easily under my normal earrings and garner compliments all day long. However, you may wish to wear these in un-gauged ears and, hey, that’s cool, too… but please, just read on for more info about that.


Okay, so, here is the most important information that you need to know about these earrings: they aren’t thin. Imagine a typical, wire earring. They are not like them. They cannot be them. They are thicker.  They will always be thicker. However, just because you aren’t a super-hard-core piercing enthusiast DOES NOT mean that you can’t enjoy these earrings.

My pal, Jef, is a superior body piercing superstar and has created this great ear stretching crib sheet over at his blog. As he notes, your general pierced ear exists at a 16g (or 18g) so a 14g earring is not out of the realm of possible wear for most people, even for just a day. Take it slowly, use care, and, for god sake, don’t jam it in there if it doesn’t want to be there! (Unfortunately, that seems to be my life’s mantra.)

I’m not trying to scare you, dear one. I’m just issuing this warning because not doing so seems, really, REALLY irresponsible. And I try to be responsible these days. I try.


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