Collar at Ya Girl.

That is me, holding up, for you, my favorite piece of art work that I have ever found in the trash. And, can we mention my gams for a second? Just look at ’em. That running is doing something. Maybe someday I will be able to forget that my left leg is slightly thicker than my right; a thickness discrepancy visible only to me.

Anyway, enough about my stems. When I saw this painting (if you can even call it that), propped up on some stranger’s curb along side a stack of other canvases and grody silk screens, I knew that we had something in common that would carry our love through the ages: a strong, vocal love of collars. Respect my love. Don’t test my love. Because, baby, I have MBs of mens’ detachable collar photos (all close up and reference style) chillin’ out on my hard drive.

Nothing makes an outfit like a good neckline and a collar, while often campy, is a good way to go from being a nice looking lady to a VERY nice looking lady. While I don’t always sport them, I am fond of them all (except for Nehru. But ecclesiastical, which I spelled correctly on the first try, is A-OK. Hypocritical. I know.) Winged, pointy, oxford, peter pan, notched, rounded, disco-y, wide, tall, student-y, scout-y, sailor-y, furry. Attached. Detached. Studded is really dumb and ugly but live and let live. Embroidered, printed, painted, bedecked, bejeweled, bespoke, bow tied and bolo’d.

I am loving this surgence (not “re-” because it never went away) of collars as a point of fashion. I love seeing them decked out with all manner of fanciness like clips and pins and little, silver collar points. I like seeing detachable collars that will make any outfit better than before and I love seeing teen girls cut up old oxfords instead of demanding one of those over-priced Mui Mui versions. What my inner/outer goth is really loving, however, is chain necklace collar trend. It’s a choker! It’s a collar! It’s a visual symbol! It’s an abstraction! Everything thing I like and one thing that I don’t (tangly.)

I think that this one might be my favorite but that is always subject to change. I do love the slightly fetish-y look of wearing the necklace over the collar. And I really love the addition of little knick knacks and charms in the center. I have so many little, singular treasures that deserve 15 minutes all of their very own and I think that this is a most excellent way to accomplish that goal.

Doesn’t look so bad worn underneath the collar, too.

I made some with rosaries, as well because I am not subtle nor unpredictable.

That last one was made with an old Odd Fellows watch fob that I held onto for a while. I thought it was quite the precious piece and wanted to deploy it at the proper time.

Sadly, this one was already snatched up by my buddy, Ed. If you are walking around Jersey City and see a dude with a style most unstoppable, it’s probably him. Turns out that collars look pretty good on fellas, too.

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