The Prodigal Bicycle.

If you love something, let someone steal it from your back hallway during the daytime, when you are home. If it comes back to you over two years later, put a better lock on it.

That is, two years ago, my beloved 2008 SE Lager (year/brand/style) was stolen from our back hallway while I was busy watching one of those Twilight movies (“Only God can judge me!” “But? You don’t…” “Exactly.”) I was really sad and mad and all that stuff that happens when someone comes into your house during the daytime and steals your main mode of transport and best friend. But, with the help of nicer, fancier, cooler bike, I got over it and moved on, literally. Zing!

But then, last Monday, I got a call from a friend saying that they had found my bike at a small shop in Woonsocket. It never even left the state! I came by the next day, gave a positive identification, and toted it home, worse for wear and covered in ugly stickers.

This week, I used all the knowledge that I had learned from my Recycle-a-bike mechanic course and put a new life on an old friend. I still have some things to do, like a new chainring to replace the mashed-to-heck one on the front, but, I think things are looking really good.

I had been considering the purchase of a new around-town bike for a while since my sturdy, multi-geared bike is often too much like riding a tank and my fixed gear is fun but can be tiring and has no room for racks or baskets. It’s more like riding an idea than a bicycle. The brown bike splits the difference for now. Only one gear, but it’s fairly easy. Not only can I add a rear rack, but there is plenty of room for my nice, handmade panniers. Mmmmm. It’s kind of weird for me to think about how, when this was stolen, I couldn’t have done any of these alterations by myself. Now, given the proper tools, some time, and enough curse words, I could strip this bike apart and rebuild it within a couple of days. I wonder if taking that first ride on brakes that you have adjusted yourself ever stops being nerve-wracking.
Big thanks to Jess, Christian, and Dick L. of Quality Used Bicycles for helping in its safe return.


5 thoughts on “The Prodigal Bicycle.

  1. Other Liz says:

    This story is amazing! …But more importantly, I want to live in your garden.

  2. Chelsea says:

    This story truly warms my heart. Celebratory bike rides when I get back! On any of our matching bicycles!

  3. jorjiapeach says:


    ps. i’m totally a fan of the color. you should try writing with a brown pen. it’s fun.

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