It’s Been…

kind of a weird day. In vague chronological order:

-Dreamed that I was all jazzed to go to the Museum of Nuclear Fallout. Upon entering, I realized that I was actually dreaming and that my mind knows NOTHING about nuclear fallout. Therefore, the exhibits were limited to 1) “It’s Snowing in Places it Shouldn’t Be!” 2) “The Decontamination Experience” wherein you can choose to wear a suit and be the DECONTAMINATOR or get poked and sprayed as the DECONTAMINATEE. I chose “decontaminator” but woke up while standing in line to wear the suit.

Worked, more or less, efficiently.

Walked downtown. Ran errands. Saw a man made of circles and a mustache, spread-eagle, reading his junk mail, on a table.

Stepped on, and subsequently slipped on, the remains of a small dead thing. Just as some dude was going to ask me for change.

Anxiety attack. Grocery shopping.

Lots of crying. Weeping into the dog. Occasional breaks to take a bite of my black bean burger or sip of my root beer. Giant, hot, heavy tears.

-Quieted demons with “My So-Called Life” on Netflix and more work.

Impossibly well-timed massage.

Saw two  (2) leather daddies on a tandem bike ride down Broadway.

Martin caught a chicken then humped it in the gentlest manner.

Bonkers good dinner of grilled salmon and jicama salad with Vietnamese iced coffee (just as good as, but more refreshing than, their guerilla warfare.)

Bats flying around right outside the kitchen window!

Burn on arm got inflected. I’ve tried washing it and rubbing on ointment. I’ve tried eating an entire clove of garlic. Just to cover all my bases, what is the best healing crystal to place atop small burns received from a domestic steam iron?

Keep it safe, keep it sane, kids.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been…

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    A very active day of good and evil?

    I wrote a long reply to your productivity post when you posted it but I think it got lost in the ether.

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