Planned Service Outtage.

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Hello, Blog Friends-

I hope that you are busy sucking the marrow from the lazy bones of late summer. Since it is my last chance to flail around before being pushed into the harsh world of indentured Halloween costume-making, I am trying to take it as easy and breezy as my work-a-hol addled spirit can. It’s hard when internet browsing leads to things like a photo tour of the Digby and Iona studio. It makes me want to dive right into work but then I take a run and eat some dinner and suddenly, I’m being pulled into the couch. The studio becomes a strange, foreign place filled with weird customs. It just seems safer to sink further into the couch* and watch another episode of My So-Called Life.

*the couch is new. It looks like this. Hideous cushions and all.

Also, if I cut caffeine out of my diet, I will literally try to sleep all day. Please see: this Saturday.

To cap off a summer filled with friends, funs, and things, Dave and I having a rare experience: taking a vacation together. For a week-ish, we will be packing our bags and heading out to where the sand is turning to gold. We are going to cap off that cap with a good-times, city-summer, roof-top party AND THEN we will put an even smaller cap on top of the first two caps by taking a day off to, like, just lay around on the floor or something. AND THEN! as the tiniest cap of them all, I have reservations for my favorite gastronomic event of the year on the following day. Be warned, I am mentally packing my bag already.

Since I’m in such a deep chill area of my life, I’ve made the uncommon decision to close up the With Care virtual store front for that week. So! from Sunday the 19th until Sunday the 26th, there will be not a cent of business. That means, if you would like to purchase a pair of these earrings and pretend that you are on vacation with me, sipping a Yeungling right at my very side, you’d better hurry up.

Catch you on the flippity-flop, ya sweet sweethearts. I promise to return to with bags bulging under the spoils of a thousand skeeball games.

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2 thoughts on “Planned Service Outtage.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    I have never seen a Raymour & Flanagan but their commercials are so internalized they are now part of my semi-unconscious.

    I hope you have a simultaneously slamming & chillaxing vaca.

  2. With Care says:

    A) I didn’t really get that R and F was a real thing until I was walking through their doors the other month. It was just like like being in a radio ad!
    B) Thanks for the deep chilling vibes. I can’t wait to be nestled among sweaty meatheads and girls wearing stilettos on the boardwark and then exclaim, “Motherland! I return!”
    C) Yours is comment #666. Thank you.

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