Whirlwind Vacation Update.

Because I know that all you kind, upstanding citizens are wondering how my vacation was spent.

If you’ve been hitting the Instagramahol, these might look kind of familiar (unless you got black-out loaded on sweet, sweet information) but there are also some original work thrown in. I’ll keep the comments to a dull roar and allow you to eat with your eyes, okay?

As with all trips this one started with a list of errands: unending. Not show: Dave’s emergency dental work/nerve being singed from his front tooth. Ugh.

It also took at least 15 minutes to say good bye to the dog.

After tooth problems (Dave), intense allergic reaction to something (me), and stopping for pizza, we reached the safety, comfort, and hygienic atmosphere of my parents’ house.

Now for the fantasy-looking parts.

Did you goddamn doubt me?

Seaside Heights, New Jersey: actually quite beautiful.

Asbury Park, New Jersey is, despite all odds, also quite beautiful. If you are me, the last time you saw Asbury, it possessed a different, more ephemeral beauty. The kind that I have been called out for fetishizing before.

This image was lifted 100% without any consent from fellow wordpresser, unbillablehours, and I highly recommend that you explore what they have published on the subject. While I am very happy to have come home to a newer, fresher, more hopeful Asbury Park, I do feel a dark bit of sadness to see the decay being abated. There is something quiet and special in being able to experience the ending of a building. Like, in it’s life, everyone gets to enjoy it but in death, it enters into sense of ownership, kinship, and the shared experience of knowing something that might not be known. Shh. Time is telling you secrets. Buildings die. Places die. For better or for worse, they do. They do. All that are left are photos and words that stretch to describe what can only be felt. Is memory so fetishistic?



The Casino actually looks much better these days. Preservation and restoration efforts seem to be underway. Some was torn down but the rest is slated for shops or something. The cycle continues.

Silverball pinball museum time vortex!

I got a high score on this one!

Some of the games were a bust but the art is always exceptional!

There was also some super-enthusiastic shore-style clubbing. I’m having a great time.

Now I’m really having a great time. The most fun you can have in Connecticut.

The spoils:

US Air Force pillow sham/ $1| Vivitar tripod/ $15| 50s/early 60s blouse with peter pan collar/ $4| 70s (?) sheer rayon dress/ $8| 80s (?) sleeveless blouse with tiny pencils printed on it!/$4| John Foxx’s The Garden/ $4- the magic number.

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One thought on “Whirlwind Vacation Update.

  1. […] medal reminds me so much of the terra cotta work on the Convention Hall in Asbury Park.  Two dolphins, crossed paddles, a scallop, churning sea, and puffy clouds. […]

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