Thank you, Providence, Rhode Island for being my adopted home for the past 6 years.

Look at what a young, little thing I was!

You’ve changed, Providence, but I love you anyway. Here’s to 6 more! (Unless this economic doomsday infomercial I am watching is true and we are all destitute by December. Invest in natural gas and gold bars, they say. Invest in a bicycle-based economy, I say.)

4 thoughts on “6.

  1. akismet-4017953b20ecc0f3806c3d594b73ebbb says:

    i love you elizabeth! can’t believe it’s been 6 years.

  2. Jake says:

    And what do we power these bicycles on, locally-produced organic vegetables? *DERISIVE SNORT.* GET A HAIRCUT!
    Seriously though, I’m feeling the “seasons of life” mode a lot about now. Partly because it’s autumn and the dying-away of the outer world and cozying-up impulses naturally tend toward such retrospections, but also because life truly does seem to unfold in seven-year cycles. Plus, we’re almost at our Saturn return, astrologically, and that’s feeling very subjectively significant… some scythe-bearing god with an hourglass coming to harvest whatever crop we’ve made of our life? Cheers ever, dear.

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