In the past 24 hours, I have been a greedy beast.

That is, 2 little books and a pair of mechanical clippers, brought home by Dave. What can I say? He knows what I like. There are also some new joolz, 3 spools of seam binding/belting,  and the tiniest ash tray in the state of Massachusetts (self declared) from this September’s Brimfield Antique Market and Show.


“DANDY” (!!!!!!!!!!!)

This medal reminds me so much of the terra cotta work on the Convention Hall in Asbury Park.  Two dolphins, crossed paddles, a scallop, churning sea, and puffy clouds. Shore-life forever!


I can’t stop finding these old, souvenir pillow shams from various military training centers around the country! Naturally, I had to get the Parris Island one so that my dad would love me more. It’s backed with what looks like the shield from a 48-star American flag.

Some locket prototypes hanging out on top of the little Barnum book. This way to the great egress!!!!

And, probably the best acquisition, came free from Dave: a panoramic photograph of the Hobbs Jr. High Class of 1943! All numbered and named, their antique awkward phases forever captured. But! The best part, ah! The best part is on the back:

My. Looks like someone was popular.

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2 thoughts on “Acquisitions.

  1. Other Liz says:

    Which day did you go to Brimfield? I was there on Thursday! I went with an enabler who stood behind me and whispered “It’s only 5 dollars” every time I saw something fancy.

    • With Care says:

      We went on Saturday. I think that next year I might try to get out there for the May show. I know it’s more aggressive but I had a hard time with the gross heat this year.

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