Behold! It’s new. In Black and Gold.

I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve updated with any new With Care trinkets. I’m trying to move my sights from one-or-so-of-a-kind pieces to more production-type work. So, thanks for bearing with me and thanks to those who stick around through any upcoming changes, stylistic or otherwise. I hope that you like gold and glossy black because those are the only colors and textures that my mind is acknowledging at this moment. If you’re not gothing it up in the autumn, then when? WHEN?!

I had a productive and fulfilling evening of work lined up ahead of me. Until I realized that I bought the wrong printer ink. And all of my work for tonight was print based. And I’m out $60 because ink has become criminally expensive. And I’m now deep enough into the (undeserved/too tough on myself) cut of self-loathing that I can’t rally for any other work besides posting pretty pictures that you might like.

My soul is waving a tiny, white flag right now.

In addition to that, I’m also being bummed out by this message that we received at work today:

This definitely isn’t a first for any of us involved but, right now, I’ve just crossed the threshold of this type of shit. I’m getting worn out of having to justify why I should be paid fairly for my work. I’m wearing out of feeling that I need to justify my continued existence at all.

Going to pop on some tights and take the dog for a therapeutic evening walk. Viva chilly nights. Viva fall.


3 thoughts on “Behold! It’s new. In Black and Gold.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    NOOOOOO. That comment would normally piss me off but I just started reading Overdressed and I’m in the middle of the chapter on the decline of the garment industry (where is where my office is located, actually) and the whole thing makes me MURDEROUS.

    I guess you can’t reply, “Eat shit, UnAmerican imbecile!” because it’s bad for business. But oh, if you could.

    I will never understand the printer ink thing. It’s ridiculous.

  2. With Care says:

    It’s.. yeah… it’s rough. I’m thankful for all those people who “get it” and for all those hardworking advertisers who are trying to rebrand “Made in the USA” as something cool. I’m always delighted to buy clothes and find a union tag sewn in. Even thought I’m that thing’s second or third or fourth owner, it lets me sigh and relax a little bit.

    • jesse.anne.o says:

      I seriously wish there was a big directory on made-in-the-US stuff, what kind of conditions and where/how to buy. And also a directory of seamsters willing to work with individuals along with instructions for individuals for making your request of seamsters’ work easier (i.e. getting a pattern, knowing the fabric and findings you need, knowing how difficult the work is and what expectations should be). For the people who’d be willing to take individual jobs vs working for an apparel line.

      Basically I wish a lot of things.

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