Ah, Facebook. Now I understand.


Perhaps you saw this come up or read about it this week? For a while now, I was wondering why it was that the With Care FB fan page, while not a terribly active thing but, at least, a nice way for me to share articles about cool stuff, was receiving a quickly ebbing number of views. Of course, in my infinite self-loathing and secretly kinda-low-self-esteem, I thought that Iwas the problem. “Ol Lame Liz, posting about stupid, lame, history shit that no one cares about. Same as it ever was.”, I would think to myself. Then I would sigh, maybe deeply. Then, I would get on with life because even though I am incredibly hard on myself, I can acknowledge that the sun does not rise and set thanks to Facebook.

Imagine my delight when, earlier this week, Dave shared the above link. Turns out that I’m not to blame for my sudden unpopularity: it’s all a play by Facebook to appease their inner capitalist! Ha! Yes! Now, allow us to take a break to admire one of my favorite t shirts:


Boy, do they! As accepting as I am of the harsh realities of making money, it really does sting to be knocked out of the way while someone is making their hand-over-fist grab.

While any decision may pass without consequence… like when I secretly sob into my shirt at 2am because I am over-worked, over-tired, and under-satisfied (but not when I drown those feelings in Milano cookies and stale-ish BBQ chips found in the back of the cupboard)… I still feel the need to consider whether I should put up with FB’s crap treatment or if I should add my opinion to the ranks of others who are tearing down the FB empire by just revoking their participation. And if I quit,  what next? Does anyone use Google+? Am I the only one who finds Twitter overwhelming as well as obnoxious? This blog and its 50 hits per day? The necessity of promotion has grown so much that to do without it seems unthinkable. Unprofessional. Serious artists also blog, twit, gram, and… god. I don’t know. What the hell else do those damn overachiever’s do? Pray?

Like, why can’t I just make jewelry? I spend the real majority of my mind power agonizing over trying to share what I’ve done with as many people as possible and I waste too many feelings when the number of responses come up short.

In the end, my ego will regenerate with surprising speediness. The ones who are really hurt are the fans. I bet that a lot of them would have really liked to win a new, jeweled headband or a charm bracelet that says “Go Away”. But to host a contest where only 40 out of 360 people (only11%?!) get to participate seems really unfair.

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One thought on “Ah, Facebook. Now I understand.

  1. rae says:

    that is such crap. i’ve noticed the promote thing even when i post a stpuid picture on my own timeline but i hadn’t ever clicked on it. oh facebook. i wonder how long it will be before it is like myspace with just 14 year old kids and weirdos.
    i am also confused by twitter. it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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