With Two Arms Full.


In person or on the internet, I’m not sure if I come across as a person who really, deeply, loves office supplies. Just so that there is no confusion, please understand: I GODDAMN LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES. And I always have. And I always will. A few years back, Mr. Secret Door gifted me a superfine ink pen from Japan and it is still a closely guarded possession that makes me giddy with each and every use.

This weekend, I went out with the intention of buying nothing and came back with, literally, two armfuls of outdated office and sewing supplies. As if you had to ask, new is fine but outdated office stuff is, hands down, 100%, THE BEST.

Even better, everything was deeply discounted; cents-on-the-dollar!

It’s difficult to choose a favorite but… maybe these gummed snowflake stampings?

Poor focus but here’s the whole thing.

It felt like more when I was holding it.


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