Bust Craftacular Round Up


It’s kinda silly how my new phone has rendered my much-more-expensive camera obsolete on occasions like this, right?

Well, here is the final booth set up for the Bust Craftacular. Even the art professor that I spent most of my time studying under in college gave it a “Like” on Facebook and, I know from experience, that he does not give out “likes” lightly. (Memory time: after class, we would go to the bar down the street to unofficially continue class. If you had done well during the official part of class, our professor would by you a beer. He would order for you. It was always a Harp. You never got to choose.)

The crazy thing is that I had prepped for half a table but, when I arrived, some benevolent (?) force had granted me an entire table. I had to do some improvising, but I think it worked out well. “BE PREPARED.”

The whole weekend was super fun and I’m so happy that I was able to see so many friends both at night and during the show. On Sunday, it was very slow and I was able to host an impromptu, in-booth party with 7 people sipping cheap beers and chatting for a few hours. Like I said, Saturday was slow.




The lighting just so happened to be on-point.

I was also super thrilled to be selling with my old-school pals Dani and Sarah! That gets extra exclamations. !!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen either of them in any good capacity since before I moved to RI. From Dani, I received this super beautiful ring; a bezel set, petrified sand dollar:


And from Sarah, a print that I had been eyeing for AGES and the comfiest, best t shirt ever:

puppy teeWPalms

And, unrelated to folks that I know, I bought this pair of earrings from a brand/line called “Martha Rotten“:

il_570xN.400594264_mmd3Sorry, bun-lovers.

Right now, I am busy updating Etsy photos and rethinking lots of things and mushing together appropriate listings and reverting to picture taking in natural light. It’s like, if I relaxed, I might just die. This weekend, I’ll be at the New Urban Arts Holiday sale, mysteriously titled “Cardboard Pankakes”. I’ve done it three years in a row and I still have issue with the name. Plain speech, folks. C’mon. It’s awesome and it works.




One thought on “Bust Craftacular Round Up

  1. dani golomb says:

    omg those earrings!!!! (i won’t tell percy!!)
    it was great seeing you!

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