Yesterday was my favorite day: my birthday!

Scan 9

Birthday, birthday, birthday! A day of near-limitless self-indulgence!

This year was maybe a little more low key than other years. On Friday, some of my out-of-town friends drove up. I immediately developed a raspy and unreliable throat to accompany my mild sinus infection. On Saturday, I spent 5 hours selling WC wares at New Urban Arts- a venture that was, by-the-hour, doubly as profitable as the Bust Craftacular. Wow.

The big events of this birthday were mostly loafing and eating. Sit, sit, sit. Eat, eat, eat. Super-cool chill time with friends. Divine! On Sunday, I dragged everyone to Wickford, RI with the purpose of having our auras photographed. According to the above photo, I am creative, communicative, and seeking of the divine (See: two sentences back) with a big, indigo heart chakra (shrewd. observant.) As noted, my aura matches my hair. So very important. After my friends left, I ended the day eating cake on the couch with my two favorite hairy dudes and watching the Louis Theroux Christmas special from 1998. Cozy and wonderful.

I should be putting stuff away, cleaning, or getting the last few bits of things finished before I have to think about leaving for the holidays at the end of the week. However, all I really want to do is hang around in the still-made-up guest bed, read, and listen to the birthday present that Dave got me.




2 thoughts on “29.

  1. Other Liz says:

    Happy birthday, my friend!

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