Unsolicited New Year’s Advice (with Infographic)(and Disclaimers)

Another year, another infographic. This year, instead of “Archival Resolutions”, it’s the Fixer’s Manifesto– a thing that you can be sure warms my heart (or what little, functioning parts of it remain.)


I had some larger designs to “get work done” but, the inevitable occurred and I am currently, quietly, fighting off some kind of winter-time illness. My nose has dried up but now my body feels tired and my jaw hurts from the one or more times when I sneezed too hard. Between work and home, I was the only one who wasn’t sick last week so… no surprises here. Sadly.

I’m feeling super-jazzed for With Care work and like I should be constantly in a blissful warp of motion. In reality, I am just doing a lot of thinking. That’s important too, right?

Right now, just for funsies, I’m trying to think of some tips and tricks that I discovered over the past year to pass onto you- in hopes of a better current year. But, the turn of the year fills me with the idea that troubles can be solved strictly through commerce and smart purchasing/stocking up (this year it’s: eye exam/sun glasses/bras). So, all of my ideas are revolving around items, which seems shallow, but, lemme tell you, I couldn’t live without my:

ONE! Technical wool socks (but hand knit wool socks would work too, I bet.) I’m not a sock wearer for as much of the year as I can justify it but, when I am, there has yet to be anything that matches the coziness, comfort, and longevity of my fancy-socks-for-jocks. Yes, they are pricey, but I can wear a pair for about a week straight without any terrible smells or uncomfortable stretching. Uh. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

TWO! I wear my socks everyday for a week so it was inevitable that I would get into perfume. Just kidding! I joke! I actually got into the idea of perfume when I  found out about all the weird and gross things that used to/still get put into it (Thanks, Worn Fashion Journal!)(Even though your new format is T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.) So, yeah, gross stuff goes in, every person’s individual body makes these things smell different, and perfume, most surprisingly, DOESN’T have to make you smell like you’ve spent an hour in a middle school girls’ locker room. Then, someone tipped me off to scents by Captain Blankenship and I was like, “Okay. I can do this.” The fun thing is seeing how the scent reacts on different days or on different body parts. I have one perfume that I particularly like to spritz in my pits because the “spiciness” of that region balances out the sweetness of the vanilla in it and BOOM, suddenly, I’m the best smelling jerk in the room. Uh. Don’t tell anyone that I said that.

THREE! Continuing on the gross-trifecta, I also ceased washing my face this year. Not forever. Not always. I do still pop out that bar of Dr. Bronner’s when things get rough or sticky. But, morning, night, and sometimes in between, I’ve switched to giving myself a reviving swipe of unfiltered witch hazel. I have pretty dry skin that tends towards looking red and doesn’t hold moisture in very well. But this method has helped that 150%! I’m never going to have soft, poreless-vampire-style skin but, dang! witch hazel followed by some mid-level moisture thing ($16 range. SPF for the daytime. Something heavier at night.) is really being kind to me. So, you can tell folks that I told you about this one but, you may wish to experiment on your own particular person, first. Just in case.

So, happy new year, friends. I’m going to recuperate while watching “The Birds” and thinking about which boxes I should buy. I’m a damn queen of multitasking.


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