I dunno if you’ve checked out the “About” section on the With Care etsy, god know I hadn’t seen it in a while. I just want to toot-eth mine own horn for a second because it’s pretty good. I use a lot of good words. Expensive words. Student loan words. (Just kidding. I’m debt free. Thanks to a big-ass scholarship and nice parents.) As I was reading it over, I found myself nodding and muttering, “Oh. Yeah. That’s gooood.” to myself a la that scene in A Christmas Story. You know. I know you know.

Other things I did today? Went to the post office, the drug store, the casting foundry, and the jewelry supply warehouse. Followed by going Creperie shopping with Dave. Followed by grocery shopping. I ate a grilled cheese, played with my new stuffs. Made a small, sterling silver necklace stamped with the words “Pure Voyeur” while I was reading fashion blogs. Bought milk and veggie stock (oops.) Cleaned the bathroom. Made a huge pot of veggie soup. Roasted a sweet potato. Walked the dog. Talked to my parents. Ate a tiny pizza. Exercised moderately. Then, I sat on the couch like a lump, eyes to screen, fully glazed. Next, a midnight snack; another dog walk.

Edited to add: I also listened to Skinny Puppy’s Remission, twice. Very important.


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