What It Is.

1. Having long-ass hair/reading fashion blogs all night (TIED.)



The clothes, the house, the hair. My friend, Frank, said that New Year’s Eve is for doing wild, crazy, impulsive things that might cause you to start the newest year with some deep regrets. So I took his advice and bought some deeply-discounted-yet-still- expensive clip-in hair extensions via Amazon.com a few hours shy of midnight. They took 4 whole days to arrive (the agony!) and then another whole night to soak up my magical blue hair dye and the most of the rest of a day to air dry. Those who say that money cannot buy you love must not have fine, thinning hair. Because I love having long hair. And, while my scalp will never produce a product of such length and abundance, I can’t say the same of my credit card.

I’ve been spending my evening hours doing jumping jacks and “market research”. That is, “furiously shuffling through fashion blogs, trying to find folks who don’t make clutch at my face in pain.” There are so many obnoxious or mediocre people out there but I was able to suss up some that were cool, interesting, and… wonderfully normal. I feel so lifted by these discoveries that I think I should give back. This is what I look like:


Let’s call this the “Callin’ Up Thunder” Boots|Steve Madden, resoled twice. Heel rebuilt once. Stockings|H&M, present. Skirt|Express Tricot, Saver’s Woonsocket. T shirt|Le Tigre merch table, 2002.

(this is my favorite, do-everything shirt. I wore it to my first day of college, my first trans-Atlantic flight, and many other others. One day, a wee teen boy gushed, “OMG. Where did you GET that?” and I eye-rolled, “uh. at a Le Tigre show.” and we both paused, each taking in, in our own ways, how old I was.)

2. Workin’ Out.

Not, like, hugely obsessed. But, consistent. Earlier tonight, I was pushing at my gut and felt my fingers hit a “bottom”. Something hard. I think it was an ab. I guess it could be tumor.

3. My chum-pal, Joe Segal, is on Project Runway.

See it here, first! So exciting!


5 thoughts on “What It Is.

  1. Christina says:

    Heyoooo! Thanks for peeping my blog. Your jewelry is amazing—the lady medusa hair thingy is absolutely gorgeous! And the black rose necklace. And the rifle bangles.

    My hair didn’t really come out blue. I was kind of going for a “navy” blue so I just applied shock blue onto my dark brown hair and now it just looks black. Did you bleach your hair before dyeing it? It’s dark but still vivid… anyway, you’re very funny. I dig.


  2. Other Liz says:

    Dude. I am a convert. I want it. I want the fake hair. When the other girls in my troupe had bins (bins!) of fake hair I turned my head in revulsion. But I too want thicker, longer hair and I need to face facts that I can’t grow it myself anymore. Point me in the right direction, my wise friend.

    (Also, can you really blame me? Bins of fake hair are really gross looking.)

  3. With Care says:

    Bins of hair sound super creepy. I can vividly imagine sticking my hand into it and all the little hairs getting caught on any rough spots on my skin. So not a pleasing thought.

    I made a real leap of faith by purchasing mine on amazon.com of all places. Sally Beauty has a pretty decent supply of hairs and, maybe, a helpful person who is full of fake-hair knowledge that can point you in the right direction. I’ve also bought extensions from Two Brothers Beauty, downtown on Westminster St. You could probably hassle them into getting off the phone and helping you. Also, there is the infamous “$10 Human Hair” place around the corner from my house but I’ve never directly interfaced with it. Some folks have experienced success with it, though.

    Buying human hair can be expensive but, I’ve been told that you get what you pay for. If you plan to wear it down, I’d opt for the human stuff. You can dye it and style it and wash it like real hair. Sometimes I’ll even lightly jojoba oil it. Treat it like a dignified guest in your house and it will stay pretty nice. I’ve never tried any of the ultra high end stuff before, the blue ones I have now are the nicest I’ve had. One review on the net led me to believe I can expect up to a year of daily-ish wear before they get too ratty for human vision.

  4. Other Liz says:

    Can you suggest a specific shop on Amazon? Every few months I decide I want to be a real girl and wear lipstick and brush my hair and shit. I maintain it for all of a week and then go back to being a schlep.

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