Thirft Score 1/12/13


It’s been a while, right? Not that I don’t like hitting up any and all available thriftopias but I’m at the intersection of “we have too much” and “I have too much”. I’ve been trying to deeply gauge whether or not I need the thing in my hand that has caught my eye. Why do I like it? Does it look like a thing that would be worn by someone who’s blog I admire? Is it a thing that I have been told is cool and that I need? Do I actually like it? Like, really? I’ve made plenty of flubs. Like the teal, knit, maxi dress I bought over the summer? Fine leather boots with busted heel? And, why are the insides still eerily sticky…? All true stories.

This time, I mindfully purchased:

1. Stretchy, striped turtle neck with a)ruched collar b)3/4 length sleeves. I was looking for something similar in black but this one is pretty cool, too. Been wearing it all week. $5.99. Originally by Liz Claiborne.

2. Maroon, American Tourister “Escort” model carry-on tote, Generally, I travel with my super durable Baileyworks messenger bag. I love mine and heartily recommend them for all of your messenger bag needs but, cool as I look, it can be cumbersome. I’ve been loosely searching for one of these since the summer and since reading this article on packing lightly. Surprisingly difficult to stumble across despite my sometimes eerie ability to conjure up just what I need as if pulling it from the ether. A little more than I wished to pay at $9.99 but still, pretty groovy to have. Especially if I get to take a brief sojourn out to the Midwest (“It’s in the middle!”) this springtime.

3. Some glass Christmas ornaments. For either me or my mother. I don’t actually own any holiday decorations because our house is pretty heavily decorated as is. I once put up a celebratory garland for my 25th birthday. It’s still up. Kelly decorates her fireplace for every holiday. It’s fun and breaks up the year nicely. Maybe this year… maybe. At 99c, a true steal.



Thanks, Saver’s of Attleboro, MA.


2 thoughts on “Thirft Score 1/12/13

  1. leilac says:

    Cute! I loooove your turtleneck, and desperately need a nice carry-on like that. Great finds, m’am!

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