As Seen on Pee Wee Herman

Here’s the rub: I’ve been thinking long and hard about giving my (spectacular!)(wonderful!)(money-making!) bow ties a rest while I concentrate on building a strong finer jewelry brand. Ideally, I would open up a neckwear-only shop just in time for wedding season, make a bucket of dough, and no longer dread getting out all of my stuff and sitting down to make a single, teensy #$#@#^@$%&^ bow tie.

But then I meet really great folks, like this guy:


Who contacted me because he wanted the realest little red bow tie that the internet had to offer at a decent price. Maybe you don’t know but, the internet is filled with terrible people. For every 2 super-wonderful Etsy customers there seem to be 2.5 horrible Etsy customers who don’t understand basic commerce, physics, or manners. Allow me to parody.

“I ordered this two days ago. WHY WASN’T IT HERE THREE DAYS AGO!?”

“I contacted you on your personal Facebook page about my order 5 minutes ago and you DIDN’T RESPOND. You obviously DON’T CARE about your business!!!!”

So, when I meet someone who is so openly willing to communicate and have a great maker/buyer exchange, my heart grows three sizes, strains against my  creaking rib cage, and it’s fierce pressure buildup can only be eased by talking about it to the internet. You can and should read Danny’s account of this transaction, his day as Pee Wee Herman, and meeting Sid and Marty Croft!

I don’t often miss making costumes for a living but I’m so excited to see people who do such a thorough job! By the time I get around to making my own costume, it might as well just be a piece of paper taped to my chest reading, “Go to hell.” However, I did a really great, last-minute turn as some “Lumberjack Realness” for my friends’ birthday drag ball last week.



Heads up- my mustache is an old dreadlock.


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