I Wear Clothes.


Hey there, me. You’re looking pretty good. Can you even imagine that there will be a time when I do far less living under the cover of darkness?

(I have to work really hard not to write “you’re” as “yr”- a high school Riot Grrrl affectation that has yet to fully go away. Does anyone else face this incredible internal battle?)

This is a nice approximation of what I have been wearing for the past month. The jumper is a little thing that I have been meaning to add to my wardrobe. So, Kelly and I took 15 minutes out of our busy day and whipped up a jumper each, based off of this festive pattern. Infinitely flattering and infinitely versatile- just, uh…. put a shirt under it. Congrats. I suddenly look like a gave half a thought to what I am wearing. Three cheers!

This top is from the Garden State Plaza of Paramus, NJ. Old Navy children’s section, 2004, on sale for $1.69. Listen to that dollar stretch! I think that it glowed in the dark at some point, too! The hat is from the Harbor House ReSale shop of Toms River, NJ. The snow boots are fly Timbs from the PVD Place Mall. The tights are from H&M and I anticipate that they will last all winter, surprisingly.

outfit2Otherwise, Dave bought the entire run of MTV’s The State on DVD I am furiously consuming it, as seen above. I’m writing this from Day 2 of  The Rhode Island Trapped Under Two Feet of Snow Experience. I’m very happy for brainless activities but being stuck inside is starting to wear on me. No room to exercise with 3 other people around and I’m actually sick of eating Chex mix, already.

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