So Retro.

Mercury has been pulling some super retrograde shit here at the With Care compound. The other day, my downstairs neighbor wondered, “Is it possible to believe in the effects of Mercury in retrograde without acknowledging the rest of the zodiac as real?” I’m right there with you, buddy.

Super-sad days, petty miscommunication, unfulfilled promises from Q list celebrities, busted travel plans, 2 illnesses in 3 weeks, a camera that won’t be fixed for about a month, terrible weather… what am I forgetting?


On the good news front (also on the “news I failed to mention” tip), these great badge rings are now available in, like, all sizes for menz and wimminz. In bronze or silver, they are built to last and priced to move. Marksman rings are also now being sized to order, so you may wish to purchase one or twelve of those while you are at it.


And, a couple of behind-the-scenes phone-camera shots that you have probably seen before.


In closing, I’m going to go back to sitting on the couch, watching Mad Men with Dave, both of us sniffling, grunting, and coughing. True Thursday night romance!


For your enduring of the astrological weather, here’s real nice “Insult-o-gram”. Excellent for lobbing at the forces that move against you.



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