Good News Two.

Actually, the past few days have been filled with good news. Dave’s new band is playing their first show. A friend of mine made their goal on Kickstarter. The internet made well-deserved fun of Amanda Palmer*. Feeling’ groovy.

The Good News Number One is that I just sent off a big old box of stuff to Kat von D’s Wonderland Gallery, all the way out in La La Land!




I am mucho, mondo excited to be under the same commercial roof as some of my favorite independent jewelry designers. Not only has this been a heartening experience for me, ego-wise, it really also helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses are regarding wholesale. Not only that but, once the process began, the Wonderland staff were on top of their game. I hope that you like me, Hollywood. I’d love to send more stuff over to you and travel vicariously through my craft.

Speaking of travel, I took a short, short, so, so quick trip down to Jersey City, NJ for a day or two of mental clarity with some of my good friends from college.



We went to yard sales and sunned ourselves and ate burgers. We walked a lot and hung out in the living room and drank beers. Lots of smiling and talking and giggling. I so deeply appreciate having people in my life who will, theoretically, hold out their hands so that I may just curl up in them and be carried around. I like my friendships that are currently based in place/proximity but, I love and respect the ones that now take place in time- creating days that can stretch over years. A year long absence that feels like it never existed and immediately goes unnoticed.

Also of news, Rhode Island voted “pro” on the issue of marriage equality and, tomorrow, Dave and I are going to Sparks play in New York. I can sum up both of those points with one picture:



*I haven’t watched her TED Talk video but, my friends claim that, in an example of her “devoted fans”,  she Power Points her way past of photograph of them, taken the day that opened a show for her and were mysteriously denied the $500 they were to be paid. Insert a giant, sad face here.


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