I had written down that I should write on here, earlier this morning. Now that it is after midnight, I just can’t recall what seemed so damn important 16 hours ago.

What’s been up? Well, I spent a few weeks working my little fingers down to their little bones. I vended at a poorly attended craft fair and sold very little (7 things!) The bright side is that I have monumentally less to make for Renegade Brooklyn. I also have had some of my fears allayed that I do not have nearly enough to sell. Probably quite the opposite. Being able to see everything together, displayed in yet another iteration of how I try to communicate MY world the REST of the world… it felt good. It felt solid and strong. I know some of my friends roll their eyes at all the arrow stuff that I have been almost exclusively putting out but, uh, cohesion. It really looks nice together. And it feels good to get it all out of my system. And then- on to the next one. (And maybe I will thematically depart from tiny items of small destruction (guns. arrows… frying pans.) but… maybe not. There are a lot of grim, smug, strange, ugly, and unsellable ideas lounging around in my old dome.

Also, post earrings. Bangle bracelets. Another tie clip.


Would you like to give me a hand? I’m trying to decide which of my belove-ed badges to take a mold from next. Pick two!


Help a sister out.


One thought on “Choice.

  1. Holly F. says:

    I like the whale, but I bet the painting one will sell well.

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