Stack ‘Em, Boss.

Wow. Renegade was so good! I was busy enough that I wasn’t able to bop around and take many pictures. I definitely learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work when selling outside at a market where people go all-the-hell out. Move number one is going to be purchasing my own folding hand truck followed closely by building some sidewalls for my tent. One sunburned shoulder is enough to teach me about the need for shade.

I took a detour from cleaning and planning and packaging today to put together these fun bracelet sets. In a bit of an early morning haze, I bought a bunch of these golden, wire bangles with no plan on what to do with them. Today, it finally occurred to me, “Oh. Why not check out that giant bucket of treasure you have?” What did I find? Masonic fobs, 60s swim awards, saint medals, and orphaned key holes. Check ’em out.






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