Make it. Sell it.



I almost forgot to mention, With Care is now being sold through Luniac Glamour in East Greenwich, RI! Downtown East Greenwich is like a small business Main St. USA dreamscape. Lots of little cafes, coffee places, bars that have late night music, chocolate shop, bookstore, cute fire house, antiques… even a witchy store/gift shop. And it is all up the road from a beautiful waterfront and boat basin.

As shopping online becomes more of a regular activity (and, one that I obviously support) I become that much more enamored with stores and shops that are well thought out, passionate places. I think that it will be a long time before the internet can replicate the all important phenomenon we call “vibes“. That’s why, yeah, I could buy that ridiculously rad Swedish Dream Salt Soap online- but I would rather take a leisurely walk downtown and buy it from Queen of Hearts – after smelling and touching all of the things. A good store provides you with more than just a product; you are able to enter freely into another world. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, like the Prada store in SoHo. Other times, it can be achingly utilitarian, like taking my shoes to the Wayland Sq. Shore Repair. Granted, my shoes do appreciate the upkeep, but I choose that shop because I like to walk into a dark storefront filled with years of shoe-related this-and-that. A good store is magical. Viva brick and mortar. Viva plate glass and display racks. Raise your roll of register tape to the sky.


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