With the Brand.

About a year after Dave and I started dating, he went on tour for a month. OBviously, I missed him. I was still all moony-eyed and love and stuff. We didn’t have a dog yet and, even with two roommates, the house just seemed too empty. Only dating a year and, already, here I was, A TOUR WIDOW! Oh. The sobbing.

But there was another aspect to my despair: I was painfully, acutely, jealous.

Crushed in a van, driving all day? Lucky. Human body stink and not showering? Lucky. Seeing the USA whip past at 70 mph? Showing up somewhere and not knowing anyone or what you have to do? Three weeks of creating in-jokes???! I mean, joining the Navy to see the world sounds fun but joining a band to see the east coast and maybe a couple hundred miles inland is more of an idea that I can get behind. I’m not a natural musician and doubt that I will ever be called upon to perform as one but, I am so, so, so envious. I might no longer notice if Dave isn’t home for weeks at a time but, the idea of him getting to see and drive the great, open road still stings. Even if there is car sickness. Even if there is MacDonald’s.

Get in the van? With pleasure.

However, I have realized that, while I don’t have a band, I do have a brand. And I can use it to take me to places far and wide. Granted, my jewelry is much better traveled than I am and, in only a few short years, has a much more impressive passport than I can ever imagine having. But I can also realistically dream of gigging from shows to fairs to other stuff thanks to my little With Care Mobile Party Set Up (as I have decided to call it. I expect to fashion it accordingly so, watch out.

And not that conventions and meetings and stuff never seemed boring to me but, I really like meeting up with other independent makers/small business owners and talking shop/people we know/cool tips/etc. I feel a weird connection to them and I feel super pumped when someone is like, “Oh! You’re With Care Jewelry. I’ve seen you around the web/grab/book/blog.” Like, I have to hide how excited it makes me. Because it makes me really, really excited. It’s the feeling of supporting something bigger than me that I am likewise buying into and creating and nurturing. There’s me and there’s my project. There’s you and there’s your project. Let’s get together and have some fun.

I guess this is just my way of justifying my purchase of a new turtleneck from Audrey Cantwell’s Ovate line. Because I can turn around and victoriously shake my fist while exclaiming, “Rah! I’ve done it for the little guy! I’ve got your back, sister. We’re in this together!”


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