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Thirft Score 1/12/13


It’s been a while, right? Not that I don’t like hitting up any and all available thriftopias but I’m at the intersection of “we have too much” and “I have too much”. I’ve been trying to deeply gauge whether or not I need the thing in my hand that has caught my eye. Why do I like it? Does it look like a thing that would be worn by someone who’s blog I admire? Is it a thing that I have been told is cool and that I need? Do I actually like it? Like, really? I’ve made plenty of flubs. Like the teal, knit, maxi dress I bought over the summer? Fine leather boots with busted heel? And, why are the insides still eerily sticky…? All true stories.

This time, I mindfully purchased:

1. Stretchy, striped turtle neck with a)ruched collar b)3/4 length sleeves. I was looking for something similar in black but this one is pretty cool, too. Been wearing it all week. $5.99. Originally by Liz Claiborne.

2. Maroon, American Tourister “Escort” model carry-on tote, Generally, I travel with my super durable Baileyworks messenger bag. I love mine and heartily recommend them for all of your messenger bag needs but, cool as I look, it can be cumbersome. I’ve been loosely searching for one of these since the summer and since reading this article on packing lightly. Surprisingly difficult to stumble across despite my sometimes eerie ability to conjure up just what I need as if pulling it from the ether. A little more than I wished to pay at $9.99 but still, pretty groovy to have. Especially if I get to take a brief sojourn out to the Midwest (“It’s in the middle!”) this springtime.

3. Some glass Christmas ornaments. For either me or my mother. I don’t actually own any holiday decorations because our house is pretty heavily decorated as is. I once put up a celebratory garland for my 25th birthday. It’s still up. Kelly decorates her fireplace for every holiday. It’s fun and breaks up the year nicely. Maybe this year… maybe. At 99c, a true steal.



Thanks, Saver’s of Attleboro, MA.

Whirlwind Vacation Update.

Because I know that all you kind, upstanding citizens are wondering how my vacation was spent.

If you’ve been hitting the Instagramahol, these might look kind of familiar (unless you got black-out loaded on sweet, sweet information) but there are also some original work thrown in. I’ll keep the comments to a dull roar and allow you to eat with your eyes, okay?

As with all trips this one started with a list of errands: unending. Not show: Dave’s emergency dental work/nerve being singed from his front tooth. Ugh.

It also took at least 15 minutes to say good bye to the dog.

After tooth problems (Dave), intense allergic reaction to something (me), and stopping for pizza, we reached the safety, comfort, and hygienic atmosphere of my parents’ house.

Now for the fantasy-looking parts.

Did you goddamn doubt me?

Seaside Heights, New Jersey: actually quite beautiful.

Asbury Park, New Jersey is, despite all odds, also quite beautiful. If you are me, the last time you saw Asbury, it possessed a different, more ephemeral beauty. The kind that I have been called out for fetishizing before.

This image was lifted 100% without any consent from fellow wordpresser, unbillablehours, and I highly recommend that you explore what they have published on the subject. While I am very happy to have come home to a newer, fresher, more hopeful Asbury Park, I do feel a dark bit of sadness to see the decay being abated. There is something quiet and special in being able to experience the ending of a building. Like, in it’s life, everyone gets to enjoy it but in death, it enters into sense of ownership, kinship, and the shared experience of knowing something that might not be known. Shh. Time is telling you secrets. Buildings die. Places die. For better or for worse, they do. They do. All that are left are photos and words that stretch to describe what can only be felt. Is memory so fetishistic?



The Casino actually looks much better these days. Preservation and restoration efforts seem to be underway. Some was torn down but the rest is slated for shops or something. The cycle continues.

Silverball pinball museum time vortex!

I got a high score on this one!

Some of the games were a bust but the art is always exceptional!

There was also some super-enthusiastic shore-style clubbing. I’m having a great time.

Now I’m really having a great time. The most fun you can have in Connecticut.

The spoils:

US Air Force pillow sham/ $1| Vivitar tripod/ $15| 50s/early 60s blouse with peter pan collar/ $4| 70s (?) sheer rayon dress/ $8| 80s (?) sleeveless blouse with tiny pencils printed on it!/$4| John Foxx’s The Garden/ $4- the magic number.

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Thrift Score 6/2/12

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things, no? It’s not that I am no longer foolishly chasing secondhand goods (oh no no no no) but that may patience to document them has waned. Also, some of what I’ve purchased in the last year has just been… really kind of boring. Who really wants to see my growing collection of long-sleeved black things from “Miss Chaus”, anyway?

A lone modernist drinking glass. Modernist glassware used to be so easy to find even 3 years ago but now I have trouble turning up almost anything as a casual buyer. A bummer, but the shelving in our kitchen is minimal so, maybe it’s a good thing.

This mug wins the Cathy Guisewite Award for Excellence in Self-Deprecation and Self-Loathing (CGAESDSL). AND it’s left-handed! I’m so happy to have an ironic love-mug all to my own. For years, I have been crushing on Jess’s improbable I (Heart) Triplets and Lola’s perfect Someone in West Warwick (Heart)s Me. Finally, the trifecta is complete.

A perfectly boring yet perfectly functional green jersey dress, new-with-tags from Walden “Petite”. Yes, “Petite” is in quotations. It has a very intense row of buttons running up the center front which can be used to create a very stern-looking high collar but in this moment, I’m just going super casual. Everything was found in the wilds of Attleboro, Massachusetts. The dress is from Saver’s and the glasses from Goodwill. My wonderful Dexter riding boots were a steal last summer at the Warwick Saver’s and my eye glasses came from good, old Miss Nothing New Novak.

It’s June 4th and it’s suddenly so dang cold! I’ve had to set asunder my plans to wear shorts as much as possible but I’ve locked all my cold weather goods away in the cedar chest! Terrible problems!

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image once again from


Still here and still queer on the living room couch. I’ve watched my videos and crammed lots of food into my gaping maw (seriously, being sick makes me really ravenous) but the real MVP of this experience has been my precious hot water bottle. If you don’t have prior water bottle experiences, you are missing out, kid. Before I became a proud owner and user, I have to admit, I found the iconic red hot water bottle to be kind of gross and creepy. I take it back. This thing warms my bed at night, lays on my gut at least once a month, and sometimes, when I am feeling luxurious,  I pin it between my back and my chair and let my shoulder muscles get all relaxed and jelly-like. But if it is luxury, it is the easiest luxury in the world. First off, these things are pretty cheap. I got mine for about 8 bucks at an antique store and it came in a pretty groovy box. However, you can buy new ones at your local hot water bottle dealer or via the limitless garden that is the internet. Second, it’s damn easy to use. Just heat up some water in your regular, standard issue, kitchen kettle and pour it into that sucker. Then sit down and watch a Young Ones marathon or something. Oh yeah!

Due to all this therapeutic lounging, I’ve been having a lot of brilliant ideas but I posses little to no of the fortitude needed to a enact them. My one crazy idea is that I want to get rid of a bag of clothes that has been sitting at the bottom of my bed for months now. Normally, I’d just shove em down the Salvation Army chute but first I’d like to open the floor to see if any of y’alls would like some of the better stuff. Internet yard sale time!!! I post images of the clothes, list some basic info and measurements, and name a small price. You tell me what you want (first come, first serve basis), pay me the balance via paypal and wait patiently for your items to arrive. Does that sound easy and appealing? Naturally, you’ll be paying for shipping (flat rate, priority) but I promise that will be the majority of the financial burden. Nothing over $10. No Forever 21 crap. Promise.

I’ll probably do this late on Sunday or Monday. Yay or nay? Let a sinus’d out sister know.

A Place for Lists.

I found this apropos/Eno-ian ashtray at Saver’s this afternoon.

It really seems to have my number. I’ve spent these past two weeks doing very little, if anything at all, productive.

The pendulum swing towards inadvertent sloth and complete avoidance.

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Thrift Score: 8/something/11

Mid August.

Saver’s, Warwick, RI

Grasshopper’s brand slip on sneakers in a handsome red, white and blue- my favorite colorway for the past year and counting! Did you know that I didn’t really own a pair of sneakers until I bought these for a cool 5 or 7 bucks?

Long, red, rayon dress that buttons up the back and features charming whelk shells… and pockets! I refashioned the top into something less flowy and more sundress-y. About 7 bucks worth of late summer fun.

Khaki shorts in a flattering “camp councilor” length. In addition to sneakers, I cannot recall the last time I bought a pair of shorts that didn’t not start off as full length pants. Seriously. I think that the last time a dedicated pair of shorts ever purchased for my person, retail or second hand, was when I was in middle school, sometime before I learned to hate everything about my body. These days, as long as I can still ride my bike and climb up stairs, I try not to give a shit. I believe that the tag reads, “$5.99”.

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Thrift Score 6/14/11.

Saver’s, Warwick, RI.

Last weekend, Dave was out of town DJing a wedding and I was so bored that I volunteered to drive my buddy, Steve, around to do a massive haul of grocery shopping. After that was done, we stopped at Saver’s to see if we could find anything in the last 30 minutes of their business day. Besides 3 different pairs of adult-sized tap shoes (we made sure to drop each pair on the ground and cause a total racket), I found this super duper, glass pitcher and an old card of red buttons. I love any glassware with units of measurement on it and I also love festive pitchers, so this new friend had to come home with me. Plus, now I can make you a pitcher of martinis. Or I can make me a pitcher of martinis.

I’ve noticed that when I shop, I often end up purchasing items that match. Is this an issue for anyone else?

The pitcher was $3.99, the buttons were 99c. I was able to pay for it all with the five-spot in my sweater pocket. Friendtime well spent.

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Thrift Score.

Saver’s, Warwick, RI USA


I don’t usually buy sewing patterns in thrift stores because of the high chance that pieces are missing. But when I saw these classy ladies hanging out in the sad “craft” section at Saver’s, I had to make an exception. They are so cute and mod and nothing has been cut! These will be great for when I finally get back to sewing. I can crank out those “Cuts of Meat” dresses in my sleep but when I come home from a long day of doing so, sewing for myself is about the last thing I want to be doing. Sad face.

Untouched! Like, the memory of one dart is shown in one but otherwise, really pristine and not all powdery like modern tracing paper.

Woo, Elizabeth, NJ!

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Thrift Score 2/21/11

Happy President’s Day, all.

A Monday off for the rest of government and office employed America means 50% sales at the Savers thrift store chain and a day spent digging for extra large t shirts for us working at the I’m Your Present factory. However, we have been known to mix business with pleasure (and cake and champagne.)

Woonsocket, RI Savers:

As a post-President’s Day treat, these photos will feature 100% more me. Lucky you.

This scarf was something like 69 cents before the 50%. It was my only purchase from this Savers and, swear to the sweet baby Jesus, some lady almost knocked me down as I was crouching to look at it. People usually don’t get that vicious at these things but this location was an exception.

Attleboro, MA Savers

Dig this full length, wool, navy and white houndstooth cape! Kind of like a swinging Carnaby Street grandma or an afterthought from the Anna Sui Fall 1991 collection. (We just got the Anna Sui career retrospective book at work! It’s good but needs more pictures. You can never have enough pictures!) $14.99 but with 50% off.


Providence, RI Savers

I originally purchased these vintage kid’s pajamas to poach ’em but I’m pretty chuffed that I am able wear them, too. Go shorties. It’s difficult to tell, but I think they were handmade. Despite the mismatched buttons, they show no real signs of wear or tear nor are there any labels. There are back shoulder darts, though- one of my favorite vintage clothing details. Up there with metal zippers. This set was $7.99 followed by 50% off for a whopping total of $4. I also bought a book at about UFOs, which is unpictured.

Hey, remember “Myspace”/helicopter style pictures? That was one of my favorite pop-culture aesthetic movements. I think I might have to resurrect it. Straighten that part, friend. We are only taking photos from high above at the next party or social gathering!


East Providence Savers

As if I wasn’t itching to get out of my snow boots, along come these seasonally inappropriate vintage Ferragamos. I love you, Salvatore. $4.99 with 50% off.

And then, rarest of the rare birds, I bought a belt.

Only the topmost belt came from this trip, costing about $2.99- pre 50% discount. The middle belt was hanging out on my dresser so I decided to show it off to y’all. Quite the traffic stopper, no? The last belt should actually be available from my shop any day now. It’s made from super soft, extra wide, vintage elastic and a standard belt closure.

I never thought that I would be highlighting my waist on the internet just as much as I never thought that I would intentionally buy a belt. For both of these things, I thank Sweden’s Miss Elsa Billgren, who continues to teach me about what happens when tight things intersect the middle of a body built not entirely unlike my own. Shazam, girl!


Thrift Score 2/17/11

February 17th, 2011.

Savers, Warwick, RI


A velvet blazer that fits in more places than it doesn’t fit in others! Finally, both my shoulders and my boobs are accommodated!

The buttons are nice and thick and look like cough drops.


A gray chambray shirt that fits like every shirt should: in the bust as well as the waist. Imagine!

A red, monogrammed sweater.



Oh. Wait. Did you catch that monogram? Let me show you again, more closely.

Darn tootin’.

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