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It’s been a while since you’ve seen my face, huh? Well. Here it is. This is how I usually look: ensconced in stuff, holding a small dog.

The internet is all about the aspirational. A giant stack of Ladies’ home Journals, descending from the sky and aiming to crash down all over you. This is why I am gifting the world one (1) perfectly unflattering image of myself in my never-to-be-show-worthy studio. Sure, there are strong pieces. Industrial metal and leatherette chair? Check. Antique Craftsman tool box? Check. Mid-century modern anything? Many checks. In a circle. But there are many other things that I keep around to aid my creative process. Like a gallon of water, not for drinking.


Beautiful 1800s pine flooring, cut nails and all, strewn with a cutting mat, a sweet garbage-find of a paper cutter, quilt parts, pens, nibs, a precision machined scrimshaw tool (??!) and, yes, one copy of Billy Joel’s The Stranger.

And even though I am the common denominator, I am still a little surprised when I see all of this (insert a mental image of me swirling both hands around in a vague fashion here) condensed into something small and nice and perfect.




My. God. Such a nerd for packaging things. If I had the budget of both time and money…? Oh. And wouldn’t that insert card look good with a little diamond or hand or something embossed onto it? Or if the foil stamping was black-on-black, or black-on-gold- like a piece of precious treasure? Each order wrapped in a custom printed handkerchief or bandana. Stuffed with a patch or sticker or button or pennant or tiny book or token or lucky talisman. Maybe even a small golf pencil. Ephemera will always get the best of me.



But, for now, gold foil stamped boxes. Look so good. Dream come true. Perfection supported by a whole lot of “other”.


(In other, other news, this week: the weather has been lovely, I am consigning in a new shop in East Greenwich: Land of Posh Moms, we have a new roommate, also named “Dave”. I am achieving my previously-unknown dream of living with 2 people with the same name. Hilarity, always.)



Stack ‘Em, Boss.

Wow. Renegade was so good! I was busy enough that I wasn’t able to bop around and take many pictures. I definitely learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work when selling outside at a market where people go all-the-hell out. Move number one is going to be purchasing my own folding hand truck followed closely by building some sidewalls for my tent. One sunburned shoulder is enough to teach me about the need for shade.

I took a detour from cleaning and planning and packaging today to put together these fun bracelet sets. In a bit of an early morning haze, I bought a bunch of these golden, wire bangles with no plan on what to do with them. Today, it finally occurred to me, “Oh. Why not check out that giant bucket of treasure you have?” What did I find? Masonic fobs, 60s swim awards, saint medals, and orphaned key holes. Check ’em out.








Don’t forget, NYC/NJ/CT friends! I’ll be workin’ it at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Market this weekend! Come visit me at booth 94, conveniently adjacent to the water and, hopefully, pleasant breeze and spectacular views of the Manhattan cityscape. I have most of my stuff finished, I forgot to fill out some forms but just got them in last-minute, and I got my hair done so that it once-again matches my effin’ weave. Seeing old friends and meeting new friends is inevitable. I’m so excited!


New Zones

If you haven’t yet, you should really check out where goes to these days. The fruits of my late night and mid morning labor.

Getting all jazzed on making stuff for Renegade, especially new display pieces. There will be a peg board! And a fancy box for the headbands! And a new bust! And something will be laser cut! Between making all of this cool stuff and the promise of seeing old and new friends, I can’t wait until the end of the month.

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Sterling Silver Arrow Earrings.



Oh man, could this be my first “big ticket” item?

I’ve been wearing my sample pair for the past few weeks and I’ve been so pleased with them that I almost forgot to let people know that they exist. (I love to wear them stacked up with a bunch of other earrings. I know that some people are into wearing lots of bracelets or those dang “stacker” rings that everybody seems to like to damn much. I like to go big on my earring selection when I get all jewel’d up.) They are long and dangle-y and lush and simple, all at the same time. Inspired by fabulous chandelier earrings of the 1960s but sans glitz. A great everyday option!


So, 3 sterling silver arrows, soldered into a point, oxidized into a nice, dark grey. Hung from 2.5 inches of copper, cable chain, also oxidized to give it a nice, deep, warm grey/brown tone. These are made all the more dangle-y thanks to matching, sterling, lever-backed hooks. Both hooks and arrows are stamped with “.925” so you know that they are legit. Currently, all this hardware is put together with dark, gunmetal grey jump rings but, for you super posh glamor pusses, I’ll be putting up a grey with gold jump rings soon, soon, soon.

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I had written down that I should write on here, earlier this morning. Now that it is after midnight, I just can’t recall what seemed so damn important 16 hours ago.

What’s been up? Well, I spent a few weeks working my little fingers down to their little bones. I vended at a poorly attended craft fair and sold very little (7 things!) The bright side is that I have monumentally less to make for Renegade Brooklyn. I also have had some of my fears allayed that I do not have nearly enough to sell. Probably quite the opposite. Being able to see everything together, displayed in yet another iteration of how I try to communicate MY world the REST of the world… it felt good. It felt solid and strong. I know some of my friends roll their eyes at all the arrow stuff that I have been almost exclusively putting out but, uh, cohesion. It really looks nice together. And it feels good to get it all out of my system. And then- on to the next one. (And maybe I will thematically depart from tiny items of small destruction (guns. arrows… frying pans.) but… maybe not. There are a lot of grim, smug, strange, ugly, and unsellable ideas lounging around in my old dome.

Also, post earrings. Bangle bracelets. Another tie clip.


Would you like to give me a hand? I’m trying to decide which of my belove-ed badges to take a mold from next. Pick two!


Help a sister out.


El Diablo


Wow. It took a while for this to work out (mold making problems, amirite?) but I am both pleased and chuffed to trumpet the availability of this lil golden devil pin. You can nab your newest bad influence here, for a sum that I think is quite fair, considering how much time and cursing goes into the making of each piece.

Also, do you have any photos of you or your crew wearing your With Care jewels? I’d love to see them and/or post them up with your permission! Send them (or love letters. or photo copies of your butt. or whatever.) to!

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Good News Two.

Actually, the past few days have been filled with good news. Dave’s new band is playing their first show. A friend of mine made their goal on Kickstarter. The internet made well-deserved fun of Amanda Palmer*. Feeling’ groovy.

The Good News Number One is that I just sent off a big old box of stuff to Kat von D’s Wonderland Gallery, all the way out in La La Land!




I am mucho, mondo excited to be under the same commercial roof as some of my favorite independent jewelry designers. Not only has this been a heartening experience for me, ego-wise, it really also helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses are regarding wholesale. Not only that but, once the process began, the Wonderland staff were on top of their game. I hope that you like me, Hollywood. I’d love to send more stuff over to you and travel vicariously through my craft.

Speaking of travel, I took a short, short, so, so quick trip down to Jersey City, NJ for a day or two of mental clarity with some of my good friends from college.



We went to yard sales and sunned ourselves and ate burgers. We walked a lot and hung out in the living room and drank beers. Lots of smiling and talking and giggling. I so deeply appreciate having people in my life who will, theoretically, hold out their hands so that I may just curl up in them and be carried around. I like my friendships that are currently based in place/proximity but, I love and respect the ones that now take place in time- creating days that can stretch over years. A year long absence that feels like it never existed and immediately goes unnoticed.

Also of news, Rhode Island voted “pro” on the issue of marriage equality and, tomorrow, Dave and I are going to Sparks play in New York. I can sum up both of those points with one picture:



*I haven’t watched her TED Talk video but, my friends claim that, in an example of her “devoted fans”,  she Power Points her way past of photograph of them, taken the day that opened a show for her and were mysteriously denied the $500 they were to be paid. Insert a giant, sad face here.

Good News One.


A great big thanks to my friend, Jasmine! She’s kindly donated her body and her style to by blundering photographic eye for a little model-time! Allow her to be your trusted reference when perusing the With Care stacks. Hooray!

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