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What It Is.

“What It Is” will become a sporadical, off-the-cuff update of some things that I like at the moment. The name is in reference to Lynda Barry’s fantastic book by the same name and the spirit, well, the spirit is in reference to that fantastic book’n’lady, too.


1. Evocative Objects by Islay Taylor

My friend and kind jewelry oracle, Islay Taylor, just opened up a one-two punch of Etsy store and blog featuring her highly oogleable jewelry. I’m not trying to be a kiss-ass or anything, Islay makes things that I really want. She really hits all the high notes for me: a perfect blend of craftsmanship, thought, and cleverness… sometimes spun with a wink of irresistible immaturity (a la her cast bronze “Shocker” pendant, engraved with the motto “Yeah!”. To my knowledge, they aren’t for sale. I traded her some dead stuff for mine. Another reason why she is rad.) The Pro Nailz? The Fauxlin Iron? I want it all and I want to wear it all at the same time.  Oh, and she somehow finds time to run really long distances. I don’t know how. Can I, like, be you when I grow up, Islay?


2. Scrubbing Down My Face.

I’ve found that one of the best things to do when hot and grimy and tired and fucking OVER IT is a good face washing. Sorry make-up from earlier in the
day but you are going to have to go some place else. When washing one’s face,it’s best not to try to preserve old eye-make. Just get your hands in there and scrub. (See: Fig 1.) Regular cool water works fine but if you have a kitchen and 3 minutes, the internet is full of at-home, hippie-style options for quick skin scrubs. My current favorite is sugar/honey/milk.

That is, you take a spoonful of sugar, dump spoonful of honey on there, followed by a spoonful of milk. Stir. A small amount is all you need so make it in a tea cup or something. Pat you face with some tepid water then scoop up yer muck and rub it around on your face for 30 seconds or so. Luxuriate in it. Draw it out. Lock the door. Feel free to cry slightly but do remember, the best way to get it off is with a few splashes of water.

Invite friends to poke at your cheeks. No one will believe that such a rough’n’tuff jerkward such as yourself could be so delightfully touchable.


3. These Tiny Earrings.

I made these little guys last month but just got around to photographing them last week. I’m easily delighted by little things so these really take it, amirite? Each comes as a set of three, with mild variations between set one and set two. I don’t have a million of these, maybe 5 or 7 of each colorway. But I think that the important thing is, aren’t you proud of me for breaking out of the trifecta (perfecta!) of red, white, and blue?

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