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Long, long times in busy maker mode, these past few weeks/days. However, only one instance of crying. Wonderful progress, Elizabeth.

Turns out that I still have a physical form that occupies a space and, sometimes, when I’m feeling “fancy”, I do dress it up for some kind of pleasing-ish effect. It might seem counter-intuitive but, most of my nicer clothes come to me secondhand while the brand new stuff works to make me look like a scrubby, all-black-everything, schlub. Funny, that. After this era of hard work is over, I desperately need some new underwear. It’s where I draw the line when it comes to second hand.

This dress is a lovely little Leslie Fay number that used to be a big, huge Leslie Fay number. I bought it at the East Providence Saver’s for a few bucks, took it up, and took it in. Perfect proportion on that drop waist, if I do say so myself. Also, you can’t see them in this hazy, middle-of-the-work-day shot but, I have some pretty great Faryl Robin wedges, as well.


Those were a super-mega deal that found over the winter at my OG thrift shop land in Toms River, NJ. $5, friends. Three cheers for the folks who donate unworn, $120 dollar shoes to charity!

In line with charity, I will be in Cambridge, MA (that’s Boston, to all you, not-from-here folks) this Saturday, peddling goods at “The Art of Craft” at the Fayerweather  St. School. I have literally no idea what this will be like but, it’s helping to get me even more excited about Renegade Brooklyn next month. Woo!

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