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Hey guys, guess where I’m going!

Yes! Next month, my friend and I are headed for a week-long trip that will end in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Although, while Santa Fe is where I am going, we plan on taking some sweet time getting there. I’m super excited because

1) I really like the idea of the American southwest. The last time I was there was over 13 years ago!

2) I really like the idea of going on a road trip. I’ve never been on one before! I always get so jealous when Dave gets to go on tour. Now, it’s my turn!

3) I love kitsch-y Americana and a road trip to the southwest is kitschy Americana: defined!

I have a mostly open mind, a love of staring out the window, and a plane ticket home. Our only big plan for the trip, so far, is stopping at the City Museum in St. Louis, MO. For better or for worse, when I think of road trips, I also think of all the cool stuff I want to buy. I mean, I plan on coming back to the east coast dripping with silver and turquoise jewelry and with a bunch of cowboy boots smuggled under my sweatshirt. I also want to go to a Waffle House.

Help! What else can we do? Have you been to Santa Fe? Or driven Rt. 66? Tell me about all the roadside fun this country has to offer!

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