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Roman + Williams

On Monday, it was so nice out that roommate Jon and I ditched our collective duties and headed for the beach (actually “the pond” but, whatever.)

On the way out, I stopped by the house recycling bin and grabbed a few of my downstairs neighbor’s old architectural mags that were sitting on top, naive to their fate.

My butt hit the sand and I cracked open the first magazine only to find this image. This haunting, haunting image of internal perfection:

by Barry Whittaker.

I’ve seen this floating all over the internet and, yes, I understand, it’s perfection. But perfection does not always get its credit so it wasn’t until Monday that the name Roman + Williams was branded into my mind. They are a true mom and pop design team and that thing above, that space most pristine and curated? That was part of their Manhattan studio. (“Was” not because they work within an ambiguity of time/aesthetic but “was” because I think that it was sold last year for $3.5 mills. Dang.)

I love their wood and their black and their corals and their arm lamps. Most of all, I love how heavy each of their designs are.

Even in Montauk.

Do you think she reads all those books?

Even when you are Kate Hudson.

Even when designing for Gwyneth Paltrow: the American Goddess of Lightness and Bones, their designs are still so…heavy. Full. Rich. Just like that $15,000 Helmut Newton coffee table book. I can’t tell if rich people are assholes or just idiots. Anyway…

New York’s ACE Hotel looks like it was sunk to the bottom of the ocean and then dredged up- like the grand spaces of a fabled and majestic liner.


Okay. So this one is a little cheesy for my tastes but, it’s good to see that, in the end, we have a similar sense of humor:

Here are some bonus photos and a video via The Scout. The photos were shot by Rose Callahan, whom I met long ago in a different life. I remember her as being very nice.

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