Souvenir Travel Rings.

The newest iterations of Souvenir Travel Rings are back in stock! Woo hoo!

The price has increased but, let me tell you, so has the quality. This is a continuation of my promise that, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right. Each ring has been securely soldered together and is sturdy as heck. A few folks had referred to the previous versions as being “surprisingly flimsy”. Consider it fixed!* I’ve been wearing one around for the past few weeks as a field test. All reports point to a positive experience! The ring settings have been patina’d and hand polished, creating a texture that is handsome and delightful to the touch. Each ring is rather tiny with the crests measuring in at around 1/2″ by 1/2″.

I’ve collected so many of these vintage vacation crests and I’m so excited to share them with the world. These are only the first few. But, bear in mind that some designs are more rare than others so, if one catches your eye, it is best to scoop it up sooner than later.

*If you are one of those folks who purchased an old version of these rings and it fell apart on you, give me a holler, send me back the remaining parts, and I will gladly construct a new, better ring- just for you and just for free. We can rebuild it!

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